LGM is a comprehensive income tax service specializing in credit repair and insurance needs. LGM also has a team of financial planners who specialize in tax planning and tax preparation for individuals as well as high-income corporations.


At LGM we pride ourselves in helping you by making “your money work for you.” We teach you how to manage and leverage your money to help you on the road to financial independence. Our goal is to lead you in the right direction with your money, helping you to provide financial stability for yourself and your children.


At LGM, we have professionals with 10+ years working experience with public accounting firms and corporate tax departments; experience in federal and state income tax returns for trusts, tax exempt entities, partnerships, corporations and individuals and filing of form 1042, 1042S and 1099.


Find out how to make your money work for you and not the other way around. We are dedicated to helping you find beneficial financial solutions. Our mobile service is customized to cater to clients with busy schedules. Click Learn More to schedule an appointment with us today.